Minggu, 16 Agustus 2015

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Love = Leave or Stay ?

They said that love is forever
is it right ?
You forever is all that i need ?
you swear to me that you'll never leave ?
"Try" to be in relationship with someone, do you think relationship is a "trial" ?
Then if you found something wrong that doesn't like what you want, are you going to leave ?
so, it's not "Love" right ? Cause people said that love is FOREVER.
that's why, here i want to share my perspective about love.
Love isn't about swearing, to be in love is a Holy Grace from God
for me, love isn't about swearing, again, swearing to be forever.
all things can be broken, that's a trap for us to not falling in love again.
but, all you have to do is STAY.
Stay will make your Love Forever. So, Don't even swearing that your love gonna be forever while there's something bad happen, you leave.
Love is so abstract if we try to describe it, an abstract things like that should be prove by a real act.
as Miley Cyrus sing "The only thing that our heart are made of are the ACT of forgiveness and LOVE", it's not about saying,express, swearing, it's all about how you ACT to that things.
DO something real to make it FOREVER like "they said".
do not promise or swearing to me that you will love me forever but ACT to my love that you will never LEAVE. it means STAY. -G-

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